Horizons Consulting, LLC

Too many Americans are going through their own financial nightmare as they deal with 5, 10, even up to 20 payday loans. Horizons Consulting has only one purpose - to help our clients get complete control of their payday loans once and for all and save them money in the process!!

Horizons Consulting Consulting, LLC was founded by a financial industry professional. Our employees have a very special blend of lending, consulting, and collection experience regarding payday loans. Our employees know the angles and issues you might be facing. Our employees know the payday loan industry inside and out and know what it will take to help you take back control.

  • We know the Payday Loan companies' weaknesses.
  • We know their tactics.
  • We know what they can and cannot do to collect on a loan.
  • We know how to negotiate to get you the best settlement possible in the shortest amount of time.

Let us help you start down the road to financial freedom.

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